South Carolina FIRST LEGO League Challenge Updates

On this page are specific rulings adopted in South Carolina for the Robot Game and Project judging portions of the FIRST LEGO League competition. These rulings are not meant to override nor should they conflict with those described in the Challenge Guide nor the Challenge Updates posted by FIRST. Instead these updates are supplementary and specific to South Carolina.

If you are competing outside of South Carolina, do not assume that these same rulings apply to your region. Please check with your regional Affiliate Partner for your specific rules.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments related to the Robot Game as it is refereed in South Carolina, please contact our head referee at

For questions, concerns, or comments related to any aspect of judging, including specific questions about the Project requirements for this year’s challenge, please reach out to our State Judge Advisor at

Animal Allies



Side Tables

tv-trayIn past seasons, a third technician was allowed to stand near the Robot Game competition field while holding a bin of replacement parts. The use of a human table has gone away. Instead at all official South Carolina tournaments we now use a real table as part of the Robot Game. Tournament directors will provide a typical television tray table, placed within arms reach off the south-west corner of the competition field. Teams can either use these side tables as is or they can bring with them a box, bin, lid, tray, etc and place it on top of the side table during the Robot Game run.

Teams are not allowed to bring their own rolling cart to the competition table.

Robot Game Questions and Answers

Throughout the Animal Allies season the South Carolina Head Referee has answered a number of great questions related to the Robot Game. As many teams may benefit from the answers to these questions, the document, Allies Robot Game QA, is a compilation of the questions and the given answers.



No Animals at a Tournament

Teams are not allowed to bring live, or formerly living animals to a tournament. Besides concerns related to the safety of participants and spectators around live animals, some allergies are extreme enough that even formerly living animals can irritate some senses.